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Category: Classic Rock

Mandala - Huerta* - Apache Line EP (Vinyl)

4 thoughts on “ Mandala - Huerta* - Apache Line EP (Vinyl)

  1. The first track by Huerta is “ Mandala ”, a groovy little number with warm chords, tasteful percussion and what sounds like an arpeggiated Moogy lead line that reappears throughout. This track will certainly find its way into many a record bag this summer. Huerta’s second solo contribution to the EP is “ EisTee ”.
  2. Huerta - Enjoy all the music albums and top video tracks of Huerta here on Frogtoon Music. Video Tracks include: All Wild Things Are Shy, Pain Relief, Mutualism, Blanket Dub, It Goes Over Me, Aerial Interlude, Plant Memory, Waxwing Air, Road to Toco, The Ritual, and much more.
  3. With the intro’s minimally-structured progression, “Apache Line,” only reaches its incline after the minute mark. Spring delayed and filtered heavily, the track’s wonky lead bleeds through as if to enrapture you in its thermal clutch. Wrapping up the record we’ve asking Youandewan to add the floor-readied “Yo Endlos.”.
  4. HUERTA - Drunk Mystic EP - CBDB / Kjaro Skuro / Drunk Mystic / Are You Here?. Label: OSCILLAT MUSIC. Catalogue number: OSC Available to buy on Vinyl Record. Find more tracks by HUERTA - Drunk Mystic EP and more releases on OSCILLAT MUSIC.

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